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Save electricity and take care of our global village family

by Amanda Zira 22 Apr 2022 1 comment

According to statistics, 1 kWh of electricity can produce 7 cups of milk tea, 10 beers, 25 skewers, 100 masks... To save electricity, everyone can start from themselves and start small things.

In the office, it is necessary to make full use of natural ventilation or lighting, reduce the opening time of the air conditioner, and the heating temperature of the air conditioner in winter does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. Power off when people walk off, turn off office equipment and water dispensers and other electrical power supplies after get off work, and put an end to "daylights", "ever bright lights" and "unmanned lights". Advocate the use of walking ladders below the third floor and reduce the use of elevators. When going out, try to take public transportation, or choose walking, cycling and other travel methods to reduce carbon emissions and car power consumption.
Save electricity
In the service industry and industrial enterprises, there is also a lot of room for power saving. Enterprise users implement the peak-valley time-of-use electricity price, which can save a lot of costs by producing during the low electricity consumption period. Timely replacement of high energy-consuming equipment with energy-saving and high-efficiency equipment, improvement of production process, adoption of advanced maintenance technology, and reduction of equipment loss can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of energy.

The city light show should be controlled to be turned on. The scenic spots and urban landscape street lights should be turned on by half as much as possible at night. The decorative landscape lighting of the halls and halls should also be used reasonably to reduce the quantity and time.
energy saving lamp
For ordinary households and individuals, there are more ways to save electricity. Such as:

The standby power of a TV set-top box is about 15 watts. If it is in standby state for 20 hours a day, it will consume 9 kWh of electricity a month. If 5 million households are like this, 45 million kWh of electricity will be wasted every month. These electricity did not play a role, but to burn 13,700 tons of standard coal and release 36,500 tons of carbon dioxide in exchange.

Turn off the lights, and turn off the TV, washing machine, and waiting machines. When small appliances such as mobile phones, tablets, and power banks are fully charged, unplug them in time. If you have been away from home for a long time, you should check whether the electrical appliances in your home are turned off before going out.

There are too few things in the refrigerator. Opening and closing the refrigerator door will let in more hot air, and the internal temperature will fluctuate, causing the compressor to start frequently to consume electricity. If the refrigerator is too full, the cold air convection is poor, and the compressor will frequently start and stop. Therefore, the refrigerator saves the most power when it has two-thirds of its storage capacity.

The weak washing of the washing machine is more frequent than that of the strong washing impeller rotation direction, and the number of times of opening and stopping is also more. A 150-watt washing machine works for 10 minutes, and the strong washing can save 0.125 kWh of electricity compared with the weak washing, which can save about 1 kWh of electricity per hour, and can also prolong the life of the washing machine.

Reasonable setting of the heating temperature of the water heater is conducive to saving electricity. Regularly asking professionals to clean the inner tank of the water heater can prevent the increase of power consumption caused by the reduction of the heating efficiency of the water heater.

When using the induction cooker, the high-power gear should be used for heating first, and the power gear should be lowered in time when the pot is boiled, which will also reduce the waste of electric energy.

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