Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

While online, you find the same or other similar qualifying products that's lower on an exact product on our website, we'll match it. Our Price Match includes the price of the item(s) plus shipping or delivery cost. Price guarantee items must be current and available from competitor to ship to customer’s location.

How do I request a price match?

Please visit the product page, click "offer your price" button, fill the form with name, email adress, your offered prices, for our references (such as the competitor product link) and note as well, then send this offer to us. We will review and respond to you as soon as possible, and if applicable, we are able to offer the same or lower price on this an identical item.

Our Price Match Guarantee does not cover:

  • Customized or configured products from a competitor.
  • Seasonal, discontinued, obsolete, clearance, distressed or going-out-of-business sale merchandise.
  • Volume or wholesale discount pricing offered by competitors.
  • Rebates, free offers, or specific one-time-only promotions, including seasonal promotions (such as Spring Black Friday, Black Friday and various holiday promotions), special events and/or bundle offers.
  • Pricing only available to select groups of customers including Membership Program members, loyalty offers, discounts relating to non-warehouse membership.
  • Advertised pricing from a competitor based on typographical error or misprint.
  • We will match up to 70% of the items, started from the highest price.
  • We won't price match the items below $30 USD. 
  • We won't price match "free gift with purchase" orders. This includes free gift card with purchase offers.
  • We won't match competitors' coupons. Also, customers can either use a coupon or price match to a lower price, but not both. We do not allow a coupon to be used on a product that has a price match.
  • Depuley reserves the right to limit requests to reasonable quantities in its sole discretion.
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