Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

(Updated time: August 1st, 2022.)

Shopping at Depuley online store won't be a one-time purchase, but a lifetime deal. Every lighting fixture your orders will contain the lifetime warranty service.

  • Definition: Warranty Service

The warranty service covers any to all necessary parts of the lighting fixtures that may need replacements, due to defects in materials, accessories, workmanship, or quality problems that are under normal use. However, if we find that you have repaired the items or are artificially damaged, we cannot provide you with these warranty services. 

  • Customer's Cost: Additional Small Amount of Shipping Fees

To avoid misleading, there's an important thing worth mentioning. After the product issues are found out, we'll ship out the relevant replacements or accessories accordingly, which may be stored in local warehouses, but in most cases, storing in different location warehouses, or even on different continents. Therefore the additional but few amounts of net shipping fee that are based on the item's weight would occur. And it would our customer's responsibility for this exceptional cost. To find out your lighting fixture replacements status and sales, please take a view at the replacement support page. It's recommended for you spend time contacting us in order to activate your warranty service, if applicable.

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