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How to distinguish the neutral wire, live wire and ground wire?

by Amanda Zira 11 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Now that you have pick a favorite light fixture from store or online, say a lovely pendant light or wall sconce, to remodel your home and can’t wait to challenge yourself to install it on your own, the first issue you probably you meet is, how to distinguish the wires those in different color? Blue wire, brown wire, yellow wire? Live, neutral, ground? How to tell them and how they function? Bellow you will find the answer.

Line Wire/Hot Wire- color in Black or Brown (alternative). The wire with a high potential, meaning that it deliver the power from power source to the appliance.

Neutral Wire-color in White or Grey (alternative). This wire, literally, has ZERO potential. It provides the current a return path from the appliance to the power source and make the circuit completed.

Ground Wire/ Earth Wire- color in Green/Yellow/Bare (alternative). This wire is a safety wire that needed for light fixture/appliance with a metal case. It is 0 Voltage in most case and only carry voltage if there is a fault(electric leakage) happen to the appliance. In that case the metal case electric would flow though the metal case and you would got shock if you touch it. It will work as an alternative path for the voltage and protect you and your family’s safety.line wire, earth wire, DIY HOME INSTALLATION

Now we come to next step, how to install the fixture, my advice is

1, carefully read the install manual from the merchant or manufacture and follow the instruction.

2, made sure you wear dry, insulated gloves when you do the installation.

3, connect the wire of the appliance/light fixture to the wire in your home in same color.

4, if there are any problem about the installation, you can always turn to Depuley <> and we will help you out.

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