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Which is more suitable for home use, electrodeless dimming lamp or tri-color dimming lamp?

by Amanda Zira 21 Apr 2022 0 Comments

The three-color dimming can only control the lights in segments, and cannot be adjusted linearly, and it can be controlled by a wall switch.

The principle is very simple

The driver has its own segmentation function, the L1 light source is turned on at the first stage, the L2 light source is turned on at the second stage, and the L1 and L2 are turned on at the same time in the third stage. Usually, L1 and L2 use light sources with the same power and different color temperatures, so that the color temperature can be adjusted in sections. Turn it on at the same time to mix light.

Dimmable ceiling light


Stepless dimming can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light linearly.

Control method: remote control, wall switch, some smart lamps can be matched with knob switch, APP multi-stage control.

The color temperature adjustment range of conventional household lamps is 2700-6500K. Brightness adjustment is usually 5% - 100%.

Many stepless dimming is also realized by white and warm mixed light sources, some are separated by a single lamp bead, and some are packaged together with two lamp beads of different color temperature. The principle is the same.

In home lighting, stepless dimming is more practical.

Take the most common ceiling lamps as an example:

When watching TV in the living room, we may not need such a high brightness, and we can adjust the lighting to the brightness that is most suitable for watching movies, and this can be achieved in stepless dimming, but three-stage dimming may not be possible.

For example, in bedroom lamps, when we need sleep auxiliary lighting, three-stage dimming lamps cannot meet the requirements (except for those with preset sleep modes)

As for the color temperature:

Three-stage dimming is usually composed of 3000K and 6000 or 6500K color temperature. We can only switch and fix two color temperatures, but it is unknown how many K the mixed color temperature is.

However, the stepless dimming lamps can be adjusted first within the color temperature range, and there are more possibilities for choice.

Fortunately, the stepless dimming of mainstream ceiling lamps is basically standard configuration. Cheap to a few hundred for the whole house, and expensive to thousands can achieve this function.

Especially for those who are new to lighting without main lights, it is best to use a combination of smart light strips + smart downlights and spotlights, which can not only solve the problem of excessive brightness, but also solve the problem of color temperature.

Ceiling lights are recommended to use:

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